SPY Elite

Fluorescence Imaging System

The SPY Elite System provides surgeons with real-time visualization and analysis of tissue perfusion during a variety of surgical procedures.

Assess perfusion with more confidence

SPY Elite is the first and most advanced fluorescence imaging system that enables surgeons performing open procedures, such as breast and other reconstruction, gastrointestinal and cardiothoracic surgery, to visualize microvascular blood flow and perfusion in tissue intraoperatively. The SPY Elite provides images that may assist surgeons in making critical decisions in the operating room, which has been shown to reduce rates of postoperative complications and decrease healthcare costs.

Intraoperative Perfusion Assessment

Enhances surgeons ability to visualize and analyze perfusion intraoperatively and in real-time.

Increased Confidence

Offers surgeons a reliable and objective way to assess perfusion intraoperatively.

Improved Outcomes

Enhances the surgeon’s ability to assess perfusion, which may improve patient outcomes.

Committed to better outcomes

This data demonstrates the outcomes that are possible when the SPY Elite System is combined with clinical judgment. In this study, the surgeon was able to significantly reduce necrosis rates following immediate breast reconstruction.1

1. Jones GE, Garcia CA, Murray J, Elwood ET, Whitty LA. Fluorescent intraoperative tissue angiography for the evaluation of the viability of pedicled TRAM faps. Plast Reconstr Surg 2010; 124(4S):53

Fewer complications lead to lower healthcare costs

Published literature has long demonstrated the significant costs associated with surgical complications. This data was taken from a study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic that compared the estimated average cost of care for patients that developed mastectomy flap necrosis (n=5) to patients with no wound healing issues (n=5). The results were estimated to be $22,659 in increased cost per patient in the group that developed mastectomy flap necrosis.2

2. Newman MI, Mann RA, Samson MC, Jack MC. Economic benefts of laser-assisted indocyanine green angiography (LAICGA): charges associated with mastectomy fap necrosis. Poster session presented at: Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; 2012 Jun2-6; Amelia Island, FL.


See insights into perfusion

Visualize and objectively analyze different levels of blood flow in tissue


Illuminate perfusion zones

Analyze and identify perforator perfusion zones before committing to flap design


Objective analysis of perfusion

Apply relative values to objectively analyze images and further assess tissue perfusion

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 98 cm
  • Height: 202 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
  • Multi-Directional Imaging Arm
  • SPY Fluorescence Imaging Head
  • Dual LCD Monitors
  • High-Definition Color Printer
  • Mobile Cart with Wheel-Locks
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