SPY Elite

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SPY Imaging for Open Surgery

The SPY Elite Imaging System provides clinically relevant information that empowers surgeons to make better informed critical decisions in the operating room. SPY allows surgeons to capture, review, print and archive high-quality image sequences of blood flow in vessels and micro-vessels, tissue and organ perfusion within minutes and in real-time during the course of performing a wide variety of surgical procedures. 

The SPY Elite is easily mobile from room to room. Set up can be managed by the operating room staff. The articulating arm and camera head are controlled by the surgeon. Image capture is accomplished in less than two minutes and images can be replayed immediately for review. The SPY Elite system allows images to be archived for future reference. The use of SPY Elite involves no ionizing radiation and therefore does not require use of radiation protective gear.

SPY imaging is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use during a variety of applications including coronary artery bypass, cardiovascular, plastic, reconstructive, micro, organ transplant and gastrointestinal surgery. 

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