Fluorescence Angiography System

The LUNA Fluorescence Angiography System provides clinicians with real-time visualization of tissue perfusion in patients being evaluated and treated for the effects of certain cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis that impair blood flow to the extremities and other tissues, such as diabetic foot ulcers, arterial and venous blockages in the lower extremities, traumatic and chronic wounds.

Adequate perfusion is critical to successful wound healing

NOVADAQ recently dedicated a portion of its business to wound care specialization. This specialization will enable the NOVADAQ team to focus on improving wound healing through better patient and physician education and to translating research into evidence-based clinical outcomes. LUNA provides a more reliable visual assessment of the quality of tissue perfusion than other available technologies. Assessing the quality of perfusion in a lower extremity can assist physicians in defining the optimal patient care pathway to maximize limb salvage.

Functional Imaging

Providing a more comprehensive assessment of tissue perfusion than any other available technology

Increased Confidence

Assisting physicians in assessing the impact of various wound-healing techniques over time on the quality of tissue perfusion

Improved Outcomes

Assisting physicians in defining the optimal care pathway to maximize limb salvage

The NOVADAQ Difference

Empowering healthcare professionals with clinically relevant, point of care imaging solutions, may enhance the lives of patients and caregivers while reducing care costs. NOVADAQ realizes that addressing the gaps in wound care knowledge is the first step in preventing chronic wounds and the need for amputation ensuring that patients understand the advanced diagnostics and therapies available to them. Improving outcomes and quality of life for patients is what ultimately drives and inspires us.

Dedicated to providing value

Medicare, along with over 1,000 hospitals in the United States, have recognized the value of SPY Fluorescence technology. Medicare has established a HCPCS code that provides $341.28 (Medicare) in reimbursement for each LUNA study. Additionally, there are a range of CPT codes that offers reimbursement to clinicians. Speak to your NOVADAQ representative for more information on LUNA reimbursement.


SPY Imaging Technology

LUNA Imaging provides the ability to perform and manage serial images over the course of patient treatment. Combined with the companion SPY-QCM analysis toolkit software, LUNA allows physicians to monitor and objectively analyze the benefits of advanced treatments such as HBOT, skin substitutes and NPWT throughout the episode of care.

LUNA is an extension of the SPY Fluorescence Imaging Platform technology. Like SPY Elite, LUNA produces real-time, high quality angiographic image sequences of blood flow in vessels, microvessels, and tissue. Images can be stored for future reference.

Unlike other imaging technologies, SPY technology including LUNA does not involve the potential safety hazards associated with ionizing radiation, making it an ideal procedure for patients whose kidney function may be of a concern, including those diagnosed with diabetes.

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 98cm
  • Height: 202cm
  • Weight: 165kg
  • SPY Fluorescence Imaging Head
  • Dual LCD Monitors
  • High-Definition Color Printer
  • Mobile Cart with Wheel-Locks