NOVADAQ Webinar Series

Surgical Correction of Animation Deformity: The Role of SPY Elite and DermACELL

Animation deformity can dramatically distort the shape and appearance of a reconstructed breast and is common in patients who have undergone subpectoral reconstruction.1

Recently, implant based breast reconstruction has evolved from the traditional submuscular placement to a prepectoral approach which may help to lessen both animation deformity and postoperative pain.2

Please join Mark Venturi, M.D., Alex Mesbahi, M.D. and moderator Michael Zenn, M.D., MBA for a webinar and discussion on the correction of animation deformity in breast reconstruction patients.

Specifically, Drs. Mesbahi and Venturi will discuss the following:

  • Techniques for the correction of animation deformity in breast reconstruction patients
  • The important role and utility of Dermacell and SPY Elite in prepectoral reconstruction
  • An overview of the pectoralis replacement protocol




1 Becker, H., MD. “The Impact of Animation Deformity on Quality of Life in Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction Patients.” Aesthet Surg J 37.5 (2017): 531-36. Web. 25 May 2017.
2 Becker, H. MD. Lind, J. MD. Hopkins, E. “Immediate Implant-based Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction Using a Vertical Incision” Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open Jun; 3(6): e412.(2015). doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000000384. Web. July 8 2015

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