NOVADAQ Webinar Series

Fluorescence Angiography – Do We Have a Solution for Anastomotic Leaks?

In this webinar Dr. Michael Stamos discusses the clinical and economic benefits of fluorescence imaging in colorectal surgery. Discover how the PINPOINT Fluorescence Imaging System is reducing anastomotic leaks and improving outcomes in minimally invasive colorectal surgery.1

Topics Include:

• How perfusion assessment may alter your surgical plan
• Strategies for preventing anastomotic leaks
• How PINPOINT may reduce the occurrence of costly complications1

1 Jafari MD, Wexner SD, Martz JE, McLemore EC, Margolin DA, Sherwinter DA, et al. Perfusion assessment in laparoscopic left sided/anterior resection (PILLAR) II: A multi-institutional study. Journ. of Am Coll of Surg. Vol. 220: 82-92, January 2015

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