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Changing the way you see your patients

NOVADAQ’s global mission is to enable physicians with point-of-care imaging solutions that provide real time clinically significant and actionable information to improve care quality and lower healthcare costs. Using NOVADAQ’s SPY fluorescence imaging technology, physicians can personalize therapy and achieve optimal results through the precise visualization of blood flow in vessels, micro-vessels, tissue perfusion and critical anatomical structures during the course of treatment. SPY technology enables the delivery of personalized therapies and the achievement of the optimal results for each individual patient.

More than 260 peer-reviewed publications demonstrate that the use of SPY technology will reduce post-procedure complication rates and the cost of care for a broad variety of surgical treatments for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other conditions, helping to ensure that patients benefit from the very best possible treatment and outcome.

SPY Fluorescence Imaging Systems are United States Food and Drug Administration 510(k) cleared, Health Canada licensed, CE Marked and registered worldwide for use in multiple surgical specialities and medical applications.

The endoscopic version of SPY technology, known as PINPOINT, combines the fluorescence imaging capabilities of SPY with the high definition visible light visualization to establish a new standard in the quality and performance of minimally invasive surgery.

NOVADAQ’s SPY PHI Portable Handheld Imager, combines the imaging modes of both the SPY Elite and PINPOINT systems into an easy to use point and shoot imaging platform that allows surgeons to visualize blood flow in vessels and related tissue perfusion during plastic, microsurgical, reconstructive and gastrointestinal procedures.

NOVADAQ’s LUNA System is used to visualize blood flow and tissue perfusion while treating patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease that impairs blood flow to the extremities and increases the risk for the development of complications such as acute and chronic non-healing wounds and limb loss.


In addition to the company’s direct sales, NOVADAQ has formed alliances with leading companies in certain markets in which SPY Imaging and the SPY technology platform has been demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Intuitive Surgical Alliance

In January 2009, NOVADAQ announced an alliance with Intuitive Surgical®, Inc., to develop a SPY Imaging system to be integrated into the da Vinci Surgical Robotic System (as integrated, the “FIREFLY System”) and to become the exclusive supplier of certain hardware components of the FIREFLY System and the fluorescence agent required to perform procedures.

Lifenet Health Alliance

In December 2014, LifeNet Health and NOVADAQ jointly announced an agreement whereby Novadaq became the exclusive worldwide distributor of LifeNet Health’s DermACELL tissue products. DermACELL is a technologically advanced Acellular Dermal Matrix that can be used in breast reconstruction surgeries, as well as in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and chronic non-healing wounds for use in wound and breast reconstruction surgery.

Maquet Alliance

In January 2012, NOVADAQ named MAQUET Cardiovascular the exclusive United States distributor of the TMR Heart Laser System and the associated disposable products. TMR is a procedure aimed at improving blood flow to areas of the heart that cannot be successfully  treated by alternative standard revascularization techniques and is often performed adjunctively with CABG.

Arthrex Alliance

In October 2015, NOVADAQ entered into a Co-Marketing Agreement with Arthrex, Inc. allowing the two companies to combine their devices by integrating NOVADAQ’s “plug and play” PINPOINT upgrade kit into Arthrex’s Synergy System to enable Fluorescence Imaging. Both companies continue to sell their own standalone systems in addition to selling the combined systems. NOVADAQ directly supplies clinical support for the PINPOINT System and related disposable kits required to perform fluorescence imaging to Arthrex customers who purchase upgrade kits.


Rick Mangat, PHD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Roger Deck

Chief Financial Officer

Michael R. Zenn, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Robert Flower, PHD

Chief Scientist

Lori Swalm

Sr. Vice President Regulatory, Clinical and Economic Affairs

Tom Tamberrino, MBA

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Joseph Kletzel

Vice President International Sales

Douglas R. Carroll

Vice President Global Business Development

Mary Kay Baggs

Vice President Corporate Communications

John Fengler

Vice President Research and Development

Arthur Bailey

Vice President Engineering and Manufacturing

John McGraw, PhD

Vice President Operations

Derrick Guo

General Counsel